How to Google For Business [A Strategic Guide to Affiliate Marketing]

How to google for business - A strategic guide to affiliate marketingWelcome to this strategic guide to AFFILIATE MARKETING and how to Google For Business.

Just Google it!

A common phrase I’m sure you are all aware of but are you fully aware of just how much Google can help you?

Google takes around 90% of the search engine market with close to 4.1 BILLION users. and with over 7 BILLION Google searches every single day you would think that we all know how to Just Google It, right?

So, wouldn’t it be cool if we could find out what those internet users were searching for and make a ton of money? Interested? Continue reading “How to Google For Business [A Strategic Guide to Affiliate Marketing]”

edX Review

edx review - e-learning home study coming from MIT and HarvardLooking for alternative ways to study online then welcome to this edX Review 2020.

{Online learning platforms are all the rage nowadays with many to choose from. Some good! Some bad!}

Over the last decade, many are getting in on the act to provide anyone with a cost-effective way of learning in the comfort of their home and at a pace that suits.

Nowadays, you can find many colleges and universities offering online courses, but they usually come at a price, with many costing hundreds or thousands each. Since 2008 massive open online classes or MOOC came into fruition to help everybody and that’s where edX is currently at.

Education is key when it comes to careers, and without a degree then many will find they struggle to secure the right career path. Continue reading “edX Review”

TopCashBack Review [GREAT CASHBACK SITE or NOT?]

TopCashBack Review - One of the best cashback sites

Welcome to this Topcashback Review.

We spend enormous amounts online with our flexible friends, so why not find yourself a helping hand to recoup some of those costs back? Every little helps right?

Shopping nowadays is just so easy with the internet by our side with potential cyber shoppers at around the 4.5 billion mark. Pretty much why the high street traders are dead in the water!

Those days are almost gone where we would get up on a Saturday morning and venture out to the retail high-street for our shopping fix.

Everything is online nowadays, which makes life so much easier, but also so very easy to just spend for the sake of spending. Continue reading “TopCashBack Review [GREAT CASHBACK SITE or NOT?]”

How To Make Money Online For FREE

How To Make Money Online For Free - Join Wealthy Affiliate

I guess that heading really hit the mark, “How to make money online for free” but before you decide to jump ship, now you are here wouldn’t it be wise to hang around for a while and maybe, just maybe I have some great news for you. Continue reading “How To Make Money Online For FREE”

How to Search with Google

How to Search with Google - Google search shortcuts

Welcome to my review on “How to Search with Google”, like a PRO.

The Google Search Engine knows everything or that’s sometimes how we perceive it.

Want to know a good restaurant nearby? Want to know the weather for the next 5 days? Looking for cheap flights for your next weekend escape? Want to know how to plumb in a toilet?

“Just Google it…” How many times have you heard that phrase mentioned? Probably far too many to mention!

Instantly, the answers are there, with thousands of results to your questions. Some helpful and some not, and whilst the answers you were looking for may not be on the 1st-page of Google, continuous pages may not be helpful either.

That’s when you need to sort out some shortcuts to find exactly what you are looking for, and since the Google search engine knows just about everything, it provides some really nice tools to get you nearer to what you are actually looking for. Continue reading “How to Search with Google”

Learn How to Earn Money on the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer

How to earn money on the internet

Want to learn how to earn money on the internet as an affiliate marketer and where (in my eyes) you can find the best online training available today?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to earn money on the internet and Affiliate Marketing is just one of them.

A few years ago when I was between jobs I found myself with far too much spare time on my hands and decided to see if it was possible to replace my then-current salary. Continue reading “Learn How to Earn Money on the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer”

What is Affiliate Marketing about and How can I get Started?

Affiliate marketingWhat is affiliate marketing about and how can I get started? can it replace my current income and can I make a lucrative living from it?

All good questions and I can answer them with a resounding yes, but that would be too easy and besides, it would make this post extremely short; but hopefully, when you have read this, you will be in a better position to decide whether this is what you would want to get involved in. Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing about and How can I get Started?”