Publisher Supremacy Review – Can you really earn $5k a month within 60 Days?

Welcome to this Publisher Supremacy Review

Just the other day we were made aware of this training course about something that is very dear to us. Writing!

So we thought we’d check it out and see what it had to offer.

These days the internet makes everything so easy when looking for a career change or a way to make some extra money.

That said, the internet is just full of scams and completely useless products and systems and the reason why we created this website.

To help you find real make money opportunities that we would recommend.

Before we get started, you need to know that we are not affiliated with Dane McBeth in any way and what you will get is an honest review with all facts.

That way you’ll know whether this course is right for you or not.

If you are interested right at the end of the review I will share with you how I make a living online, if not that is ok too.

So let’s get right into this Publisher Supremacy review and see how it unfolds.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Publisher Supremacy Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

Publisher Supremacy ReviewProduct: Publisher Supremacy

Founders: Dane McBeth


Product Description: A 7-week course in self-publishing

Cost to join: $1,497

Best For: People who enjoy writing and looking for a business venture

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: This course whilst well received by the people who have taken it tells us that the course is a comprehensive one.

However, some might think this is expensive especially as you won’t be making money for some time.

So we have a suggestion for you.

If you went over to eLearning sites like Udemy here, you can find a vast selection of similar courses for a fraction of the price.

Might be worth testing the water there first and besides, on Udemy you can find courses heavily discounted from time to time.

On Udemy you will find all sorts of stats to help you choose the right course.

We love writing and know just what it takes to write content for this website, but self-publishing is a different ball game.

We are not a fan of this business model due to the vast amount of work required.

Where to get ideas from, how long it would take to complete a book, outsourcing because you just aren’t going to be able to write much yourself.

More importantly, who is going to purchase these books?

Better Alternative: If it’s a writing business opportunity that you are looking for then you might like to click the link below and see what you think.

My number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

Publisher Supremacy Review – TOC

    1. What is Publisher Supremacy about and is the Founder? 
    2. How does Publisher Supremacy work
    3. What you get with Publisher Supremacy
    4. How much does Publisher Supremacy cost?
    5. Are people who are taking this course having success?
    6. What we like about Publisher Supremacy
    7. What we don’t like about Publisher Supremacy
    8. Is Publisher Supremacy a Scam?
    9. Publisher Supremacy Review -Final Thoughts!
    10. Where do we go from here?
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Publisher Supremacy about and who is the Founder?

Publisher Supremacy like we mentioned is a 7-week course all about what it takes to become a writer and self-publisher.

So for anybody who is on the lookout for a business opportunity and loves writing then maybe this course is what you have been looking for.

Well, at least maybe researching it further anyway.

The course content covers everything you’d need to know and Dane even can be found in his private Facebook group presenting live training.

What you won’t find is too much negative feedback about Dane or his course according to what you read is a genuine person.

However, there are a number of questions that you might like to ask yourself first before making this leap.

One of those might be, is it possible for a complete newbie to go from zero to earning over $5,000 a month within 60 days just by taking this course?

So who is Dane McBeth?

There isn’t really a great deal about DanePublisher Supremacy Review - Dane McBeth

online other than what you can read on the various review sites.

So it does appear that this venture is Dane’s first attempt and does appear to have done a decent job as well.

He does however have a Youtube channel with just over 10k subscribers where he gives away some really good advice for free.

This might be worth taking a look at to get a better feel for who Dane McBeth really is.

How does Publisher Supremacy Work?

Publisher Supremacy is an A-Z about self-publication.

How to create ebooks in the Kindle format and Audiobooks.

Selling through Amazon and other outlets like Etsy and Shopify.

The course is for people who are already self-publishers who need further guidance as well as complete beginners to this competitive niche.

However, starting a business model like this as a complete beginner we think would be too challenging.

According to Dane, you can earn over $5,000 a month with this business but it will take a lot of hard work to get to those figures.

You would have to sell a lot of books and I guess he is not just talking about his own because you would need to have a lot of inspiration.

He talks about hiring people to write 50k page books and you would probably have to hire a dozen people and this won’t come cheap.

What about proofreading and editing?

This will take a lot of your time but I guess once you have established a sizeable book list then it might be possible to make some money.

But, people will need to want to read what you have written. I mean, we are not some Stephen King are we, so how would all that work?

Having said all that, this is becoming a very popular business model.

It’s not something we would recommend for beginners.

However, there is plenty of alternative make money opportunities out there that are legit and really do work.

If writing is what you love then we really do think you should take a  look at this opportunity here.

Works on a similar basis but the earning potential is a lot greater!

What you get with Publisher Supremacy

The Publisher Supremacy is a comprehensive course that covers a lot and comes with over 30 hours of video content which you can do at your own pace.

The course comes with some additional bonuses which we mention in this section and will help your business along with the Private Facebook group.

Take a look below and see what you think.

Preparation Modules

The welcome video along with a basic overview of what the Publisher Supremacy course covers.

Also goes into details about what you would need to know in order to set you up as a limited company.

Publisher Excellerator Modules

These modules are an overview and look at what this course entails and gives you a better understanding of seeing everything in the one place.

Like the business model, costs, niches, hiring ghostwriters through to publishing your books.

Marketing Modules

These modules cover things like email marketing which is important to keep in touch with your customers.

Things like a first-time product launch, a complete look at Amazon ads, how to use and find target keywords and how to create and monetize your Amazon ads.

Week #1 – Mindset Mastery

This week is all about the mindset, what it entails and how the right mindset is so important for any success that you hope to have.

How to motivate yourself and stay focused when times get hard.

Creating a business is thwarted with ups and downs, failure and success with more failures than successes.

You have to be able to push through the failures and having the right mindset is what is required.

Week #2 – Audiobook Autopsy

How to convert your books into an audio format.

This is becoming very popular nowadays, especially for people who struggle with their sight.

You wouldn’t want to be doing this yourself and therefore this module covers how to find a good narrator.

Week #3 – Top Tier Book Transformation

Here you will learn about the final stages after the book is written and has been proofread and edited.

The final packaging so to speak.

The design element of the book cover is the approach to selling which included the sales funnel.

Week #4 – Books To Business

This is where you learn how to publish your books, understand branding, find better ways and quicker ways to write content and don’t forget about creating a portfolio.

Week #5 – Hiring And Automation

At some point, you are going to want to hire a team of ghostwriters to carry the workload.

To help automate the business and maximise your potential earnings.

Outsourcing is key to your success and this goes into how to find a team to cover this.

Week #6 – Building Your Ecosystem

This week covers everything about scaling the business and looks at social media as well as creating your very own website to help promote the business.

A website nowadays is very important and is a way of marketing your business without it costing you any money through SEO.

Week #7 – Establishing A Brand presence

This week goes into detail about expanding the brand by looking at more than just books.

Finding and creating products to sell and how to leverage the brand.

Plus Access To The Supremacy Mastermind Group

Become part of the private Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

Plus Bi-Weekly Coach Calls

Dane presents free training once every two weeks on the private Facebook group, where you can ask him anything you’d like.

BONUS #1 -The Royalty Starter Kit

A quick A-Z starter where you can get started creating activities and DIY style books.

This is a method where you can get started 100% free.

BONUS #2 -100+ Worksheets & Resources

Here Dana gives you access to over 100 questionnaires, spreadsheets and worksheets along with done for you templates to help increase your earning potential.

BONUS #3 – Shopify Shortcut Modules

Shopify allows you to have your very own retail shop and just another platform to increase your potential customer base.

BONUS #4 – Done For You Emails and Automations

What can be time-consuming is email marketing and setting up your campaigns with a sequence of emails.

Here you’ll be able to copy and paste the emails that come with this bonus and alter them to your specifications.

BONUS #5 – Supremacy Book Quality Check

You as a member get the opportunity to send to Dane anything so that he can analyze what it is even your books.

He will then tell you whether there is some value and whether it is strong enough to move forward with.

How much does Publisher Supremacy cost?

The Publisher Supremacy can be paid for in one payment which would cost you $1,497.

But if you want to spread the costs, you can with 3 payments of $591 which would total $1,773.

There would be some additional costs which aren’t mentioned outside the course all the same something to consider.

    • Paying for traffic to get your word out in front of potential customers
    • Amazon and Shopify
    • Email responders, like Aweber or GetResponse
    • Hiring ghostwriters
    • Website hosting

Remember businesses take time to get off the ground and earning $5k a month within 60 days is asking a little too much.

Are people who are taking this course having success?

This is a hard question to answer unless you go to the website where you can find a bunch of reviews.

However, you have to take those with a pinch of salt because they could be anybody.

There are many people praising the course but nobody outside the website is actually making any money.

If you check the private Facebook group there are only 269 members which sort of indicates that the course isn’t that popular.

What we like about Publisher Supremacy

We thought overall the course had potential and what is Freemote - What we liked

Dane McBeth did come across as a genuine person and we did like a few things which we have highlighted below.
  • The cost of the course is very reasonable for what you get but if you did your due diligence you would be able to find a similar course on Udemy for a fraction of the cost.
  • The course comes with a full 90 days money-back guarantee but this is actionable which means you would have to have completed some of the course.
  • The course overall is very good and covers everything you would need to know about this business model and it even goes into Shopify.

What we don’t like about Publisher Supremacy

Whilst there are many people making a good Is Auvoria Prime a scam - What we didn't like about Auvoria Prime

living online as self-publishers it is a difficult niche with so many things that can go wrong.
  • Tough business model to become successful in and we found that there were many hidden costs to take into consideration.
  • Not recommended for beginners even though the course owner does say it’s for complete beginners, we believe there is far too much work involved to get to the monthly earnings that Dane mentions.
  • Not very well received even though there are a lot of positive things said and you can see by the number of people who are inside the private Facebook group.
  • Whilst there is a full refund we don’t like the fact that it comes with restrictions. You either get a full refund or you don’t.

Is Publisher Supremacy a SCAM?

Publisher Supremacy is definitely not a scam but at the end of the day, it is a training course.

It’s what you do with the knowledge that is important.

Many people tend to bounce from one course to the other and whilst, in this case, are praising the course, why would they if they hadn’t implemented what they had learned.

Whilst the cost for many will seem expensive there are other additional costs to take into consideration that aren’t covered outside the course.

It is only when you have purchased the course that you become aware of this.

Publisher Supremacy Review – Final Thoughts!

Overall we think the course was in-depth and well presented but this business model is a difficult one to crack.

Forget about just the one cost of $1,497.

Dane talks about hiring a team of ghostwriters to write 50k word books, which sounds expensive.

If you went into this venture, not just as something else to put on your resume, but actually really worked hard at it, then the possibilities might be endless.

Like any business, you have to work damn hard for the type of rewards you are hoping for.

If writing is what you enjoy then we’d like to share this opportunity with you.

Which is extremely cost-effective and the earning potential is far greater.

Where do we go from here?

It’s called affiliate marketing


        • You don’t purchase any stocks
        • You don’t handle any customer orders
        • You don’t handle shipping and returns
        • You can market any product or service you like

Wealthy affiliate is the company that provides the training and if you are still looking for a business opportunity then this has to be worth at least a look.

This training I recommend above all others and personally, I have had nothing but positive experiences.

Here you can join and check out the system for FREE, with no credit card details. If it isn’t for you then just walk away, but you won’t know until you have tried!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed this Publishing Supremacy review and it answered most of your questions.

If there was anything you would like to add or ask us about then don’t hesitate.

Maybe you have purchased this course and would like to share your experience with us. We’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, stay safe

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