The Easy Retired Millionaire Review – Are you really paying $47 to find out your future really lies in online surveys?

is easy retired millionaire a scamHey Guys, my name is Mick and welcome to The Easy Retired Millionaire Review

In the ideal world wouldn’t we all like to retire early, I know I would, but in reality that is not going to happen for most of us.

So, why does the owner of this product think otherwise?

You might be here to find out or it might be that you landed on this website quite by chance.

Whatever the reason, in the next few minutes you are going to have all the facts to decide whether these claims have any validity or not.

I can’t stress enough, that doing thorough research like you are doing here. is the only way to save time and money, not to mention the only way to ensure that you find legit make money opportunities.

What we will tell you is that we are not associated with Easy Retired Millionaire in any way and therefore won’t find us pitching to you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Product: Easy Retired Millionaire

Founder: Chris ? – We suspect the owner is using a pseudonym

Product Description: Affiliate marketing


Price of product: $47.00

Recommended: No

Summary: Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do was click away at a piece of software 12 times a day and hey presto $15,000 in our Paypal account week in week out?

Well, that is what the owner of Easy Retired Millionaire is claiming, but you really didn’t believe those claims, did you?

If you didn’t know these so-called 100% fully automated systems are all the rage nowadays but what we have found with reviewing many of them are they never live up to expectations.

What’s more important about them is that they prey on the complete beginner who is looking for legit ways to make money online.

I have never been one for making money for other people and that is all you are going to do with the Easy Retired Millionaire System.

No kidding tried a few of these in the past and made zilch.

Anyway, the Easy Retired Millionaire you could find on Clickbank but since a few months back, can now be found on ClickBetter.

Chris, he calls himself, but we have reason to believe that this may not be his real name but a pseudonym and that picture in the sales presentation isn’t him and his wife on a Gondola in Venise like he states.

What you will find after you have bounced from a few of these get-rich-quick schemes is that you either stop trying to make money online or do something about it as I did.

is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam - Check out what these people have to say

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    1. What is the Easy Retired Millionaire About and who are the Founders?
    2. How does the Easy Retired Millionaire Work?
    3. The Easy Retired Millionaire Pricing
    4. Can you Make Money With the Easy Retired Millionaire?
    5. Who is the Easy Retired Millionaire For?
    6. What we liked about The Easy Retired Millionaire
    7. What we don’t like about The Easy Retired Millionaire
    8. Is The Easy Retired Millionaire a SCAM or LEGIT?
    9. The Easy Retired Millionaire Review: Final Thoughts!
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What is The Easy Retired Millionaire about and who are the Founders?

The Easy Retired Millionaire is an all-in-one, done for you solution to making money online that started life as a Clickbank product.

At least that is how it is perceived by the product owner if indeed he is the product owner.

The owner makes 2 important suggestions for making money online…

    1. The Internet
    2. Automation

Well, he’s got one of them right and that is more and more people are turning to the internet to subsidise or even replace their full-time incomes.

However, automation as we have found out in many cases just doesn’t work, well not without a lot of effort anyway.

For that, experience and knowledge are required and as most of these “done-for-you-systems” often don’t come with training.

Then that’s is exactly what you need, training!

Currently, you can find Easy Retired Millionaire on ClickBetter, which is another affiliate network.

That leads me to think that Clickbank may be cleaning up their act and moving out the trash?

Obviously, after a while when products stop producing income they are dropped from one affiliate network but picked up by others.

Seeing the product on another network can sometimes give them a new lease of life.

However, Easy Retired Millionaire may not be the type of product that you want to invest your time and money in, so don’t get out your credit card just yet.

So who is responsible for Easy Retired Millionaire?

If you listen to the sales presentation and you can here if you’d like.

The guy talking tells you his name is Chris and that the female in the photograph is his wife Kathy.

I know a lovely couple!

But, as you can see this is nothing more than a Shutterstock image that anybody can purchase and use.

is easy retired millionaire a scam - fake testimonial #4

So, now you know that he is lying about who he is, are you really going to believe anything else he has to say?

Well, you shouldn’t, but you know, some people still would ignore this and purchase the product anyway.

Let’s continue and see what else we can come up with.

How does The Easy Retired Millionaire Work?

Once you have keyed in the website URLis easy retired millionaire a scam - who is it for

and pressed enter, you are asked for your email details to watch a video, which in this case is a sales presentation.

A typical sales presentation that tells you absolutely nothing about the product and what you will be buying into.

Talks about what would it be like to earn $600.00 in the next 5 minutes?

Or, $15,000 paid into your Paypal account, week in week out?

If you have looked at many of these products which I’m sure you have, then you should know by now to take such comments as tongue in cheek.

As the person talking gives nothing away about what the product is or what it will do for you, then this leaves you with no other option but to pay the $47.00 just to find out.

Disgraceful, because what normally happens is people straight away ask for a refund which is great for you.

But what about all the wasted time and effort that you have put in when you could have focused your energy looking for real legit make money opportunities.

I have to say the internet is just full of junk like this and once you have seen one you have pretty much seen them all.

What you are effectively purchasing…

6 outdated videos with some documentation that talks about joining sites like CashCrate which is a rewards site pretty much like Swagbucks.

  1. Emergency Cash Generator Part 1 

They tell you to join CashCrate which is a rewards site pretty much like Swagbucks, where you can earn if you are lucky around $1.00 an hour filling in surveys.

As far as Swagbucks goes it is one of the better rewards sites but why would anybody pay $47 to find this out?

I think you get the picture as it isn’t going to get any better.

  1. Emergency Cash Generator Part 2

Something very similar to the previous site but this time joining Zoombucks which is another survey site.

  1. Copy This Fast Method For $100.00/Day

Flipping cars, which I am have never heard of before. Flipping domains or websites yes, but not flipping cars.

As the title suggests pretty much like a 2nd hand car salesman but using Craigslists to do it.

  1. Forgotten Traffic Plans

This is just an additional way of sourcing traffic, where you send your article or URL to the directory that relates to your niche.

They then promote your article to the subscribers, a little like solo Ads.

The idea is that some of these directories are for glossy magazines promoting wealth but wealthy people aren’t going to be interested in this.

  1. Effective List Building Blueprint

This video briefly goes into details about building an email list but nothing to write home about.

There is not enough information that you could run with because this subject is quite extensive.

This is just another aspect of affiliate marketing that can be very profitable if done in the right way but takes time.

  1. Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can find products to promote or even purchase and used to be the top network to go to.

Nowadays, you will find many inferior products that are just not worth bothering with.

This short video goes into details about what Clickbank is and how to use it.

Ok, so what did you think?

Is that it, you might be asking?

Pretty poor right?

I’m not sure just how anybody would get from $0 – $600.00 in 5 minutes starting with this product, never mind $15,000 each and every week.

I seriously must be missing something here and I can’t even see the product creator whoever that may be making that sort of money with this product.

Simply, because what I think, even if people did decide to try this so-called system and pay their $47, they would be asking for a full refund pretty rapidly.

The Easy Retired Millionaire Pricing 

The Easy Retired Millionaire is offered as a one-time payment of $47.00.

Even with spending that amount of money just for some crappy informational products, you are going to have to spend more money for some actual proper training.

Can you make money with the Easy Retired Millionaire?

If taking the advice from Chris and joiningis easy retired millionaire a scam - can you make any money

these survey sites means that you are making money, then yeah, cause you’d make some money.

But, the best you are going to expect to get is less than minimum wage.

Let’s face it there is no automation, which is what he promised, no websites, no landing pages, no training.

So what else is there to do than join these survey sites?

Who is the Easy Retired Millionaire For?

I have to say the Easy Retired Millionaireis easy retired millionaire a scam - who is it for

is for absolutely nobody.

These “done-for-you-systems” are created to do only one thing and that is to make the product creator more money.

They have absolutely no interest in giving value and send the complete beginner looking for ways to make money down the wrong path.

They also give affiliate marketing a really bad name and help to build a defence mechanism.

What do I mean by “defence mechanism”?

A complete beginner after a few of these disappointing systems.

Will only get harder, and won’t even see legitimate make money opportunities even if they hit them in the face.

Really sad, because there are some very good training platforms out there.

What we liked about the Easy Retired Millionaire

There is absolutely nothing we like here about Easy Retired Millionaire except for the refund.

  1. Money-back Guarantee

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee but it might be best to go straight to Clickbetter rather than trying to get your refund from the product owner.

What we don’t like about the Easy Retired Millionaire

There was a hell of a lot wrong with this product and we managed to highlight only the main issues.

  1. Fake testimonials

Paid actors that come from sites like Fiverr are what these owners tend to use.

is easy retired millionaire a scam - fake testimonial

If you find one then you can safely assume that they all will be the same.

  1. Fake owner

There are no details about who the product owner is other than a mention of Chris and his wife in a gondola that looks like Venice.

Which we have already pointed out earlier in the review that the photograph used is a stock photo that anybody can use for a small fee.

  1. Total lack of information about the product

Chris in the sales presentation doesn’t tell you anything about the product or what you will be buying into.

This is a very misleading tactic that only leaves 2 options.

    1. Doing your own research by reading reviews like you are doing here.
    2. Pay your $47 just to find out for yourself.
  1. Unconfirmed income results 

Any mention of income or payment slips in these sales presentations should not be believed.

Nowadays you can create a creditable income proof in minutes and for free.

You could make it more convincing but here they don’t even care.

The reason for this is that a complete beginner wouldn’t know what to look for and this program is only aimed at that crowd of people.

Is the Easy Retired Millionaire a SCAM or LEGIT?

According to the Collins Dictionary,is easy retired millionaire a scam - Scam or Legit

a scam is an illegal trick to get someone to hand over their money.

Based on that then there has been nothing illegally done here, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

What we can tell you is that Easy Retired Millionaire is not a legit make money opportunity and as such something we would not recommend.

I don’t even know how these people have the gall to promote something like this, but what’s even worse is that Clickbank or Clickbetter allow it to happen in the first place.

Don’t they realize that all the negative stuff goes against them?

I mean Clickbank used to be the place to get quality products not only to promote but to buy as well, but nowadays they are just full of poor quality products.

is easy retired millionaire a scam - send me the videos

If you take the image above he talks about how he earns $35,000 a month when in fact he suggests that you can earn $15,000 a week with his system.

That is $60,000 a month which is $25,000 more than him.

Maybe he should use his own system?

But, is it even possible to earn $35,000 a month in affiliate marketing?

Absolutely it is, but it is going to take a lot of hard work to get you anywhere near that amount of money.

Certainly not with this product and the advice he gives you.

The Easy Retired Millionaire Review: Final Thoughts!

I think we have produced enough factsis Easy Retired millionaire scam - Final thoughts

in determining that Easy Retired Millionaire is not the right product for you.

If you think otherwise then please let us know.

However, and I can’t stress this enough, that these “Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes” or “Done-For-You-Systems” do not work.

Or let us say that we haven’t come across any that do.

Maybe, someone will prove us wrong and we hope that does happen, that way we can promote something that we do recommend.

One thing that you can take away from this system and that’s affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that does work.

You just need to find the proper training like with someone like Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, it is going to cost because anything free is not going to give value but hey you can check out for free to see what you think.

I can tell you for certain if/when you do look you will be amazed at what a professional training platform Wealthy Affiliate is.

Ok, I’m biased but truthful and there is only one way to find out, right?

Is Easy retired millionaire a scam - Wealthy Affiliate
 It’s Free to Join, No Credit Card Details, No Upsells, Great Community and No BS!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok, guys, well I hope you enjoyed the Easy Retired Millionaire and that it stopped you wasting time and more importantly your money.

Why not spread the word to better inform your friends by sharing on social media.

Any questions, whether about this review or maybe you want to add something.

Whatever it may be, just add them in the section below and we’ll back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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