Ride to the Future Review – Not Another Bitcoin SCAM?

Ride to the future reviewWelcome to this Ride to the Future Review.

Since 2010 when Bitcoin first started there as been a lot of ups and downs as to whether this new currency would ever work.

There as always been an issue with government regulations and the fact that Bitcoin has always been volatile, but in recent times we are seeing many high profile billionaires getting involved. Continue reading “Ride to the Future Review – Not Another Bitcoin SCAM?”

Hashfinders Review – A Bad MLM Pyramid Crypto Investment.

Hashfinders review

Welcome to this Hashfinders Review.

Since Bitcoins inception way back in 2008, there has been a lot of controversy as to who was responsible for the idea and to this day still, nobody knows.

In the last few months Bitcoin as really shot into the ionosphere, and many are trying to grab a piece of the action and as of this review, there are somewhere in the region of 7,000 cryptocurrencies currently active. Continue reading “Hashfinders Review – A Bad MLM Pyramid Crypto Investment.”